Transform your body—one meal plan at a time

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Everyone knows they need to eat healthily, but how many times do we actually do that? Isn’t it much easier to just grab what’s in your fridge or on the menu at your favourite restaurant? 

Yes, it’s easier, but that’s a big reason why many people never reach their ideal weight! 

Transforming your body is a process of taking your body from point A to point B. Getting to point B is a journey that will only be efficient and oftentimes faster when you have the right set of tools under your belt. One of these priceless tools is the meal plan.

What is a meal plan? 

A meal plan is simply that, it’s an intentional and organized list of what you’re going to be eating.

 Now, this can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Whatever choice you make in your meal plan style, it’s important to note that multiple studies have shown that tracking your weight loss journey in some way enhances your chances of losing weight or staying at your ideal weight. This study from Stanford analyzes the correlation between digital tracking tools and significant weight loss. 

“The analysis also revealed that individuals who tracked their diet or physical activity digitally were more engaged, meaning they were more consistently active in using their digital tools” (Armitage). 

You can choose to start small by planning just your lunches or you can go ahead and plan all your meals for a month. There’s really no wrong way to do it, the important thing is that you choose the right diet along with a meal plan style that suits your specific lifestyle. 

Why you should meal plan

Aside from the studies that show that tracking your diet helps in weight loss performance, meal planning is also a way to eliminate stress and stay consistent with your diet. With meal planning, you get to buy your food in advance. You’re also less likely to just binge on whatever is in the fridge and you can prepare the meals you actually want (eating what you enjoy is more satisfactory to the brain) without overdoing it. 

Not only that, it actually saves you time! Contrary to popular belief, meal prepping doesn’t always take you hours and it’s even easier with the help of health experts such as Ilera. Allowing professionals to do the meal planning for you is an investment that means the right people do the thinking for you. 

With a plan made by experts, you can save time and focus only on the cooking of your meals and living your life. This way, you can plan your shopping trips ahead of time, understand which foods can be prepped ahead of schedule and even how you can even use leftovers.

Lastly, it cuts down the costs of always buying food from restaurants and cafes. 

Tips for following your meal plan

1. Picking a great diet

The most important factor of your meal plan is you! This means that a meal plan is usually not a one-size-fits-all. A great diet is a diet that you can actually stick to because you enjoy it and it suits your lifestyle. A meal plan that doesn’t support your current lifestyle will not support your weight loss or fitness goals either. 

2. Tracking your diet 

You can track your diet in two ways. One route to go is the classic paper and pen. You can draw out your meal plan and make your shopping list in a notebook. Or, you can opt to go digital by using health tracking apps. Either way, you’re aware of what you’re taking as you go through your fitness journey and can easily see if anything needs to be changed. 

3. Let your plan be flexible 

Your meal plan is for you. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t follow it 100%. Though you should try to be consistent with it, what’s more important is that you get back on it when you fall off or just simply want to switch things up. 

Moreover, meal plans are supposed to be a guide, a simple road map to follow and not hard rules that might make you unhappy or anxious. Instead, focus on making healthy choices and watching your body transform!

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