Here’s Why You Should Use A Period Tracker

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Have you ever randomly gone about your day in school or at work or at a party, and suddenly, you notice a red stain on your clothing? Now, your entire day is ruined because you didn’t plan for that to happen. With the aid of modern technology, tracking your period has been made easier than ever.

Period tracking involves keeping tabs on your monthly cycle and documenting relevant information about your cycle. It’s an important act because it allows you to know more about changes that may occur in your body.

Period tracking apps make this process faster and more reliable as opposed to using a pen and a calendar. There are numerous reasons why period trackers are beneficial. Their benefits aren’t restricted to only informing you when your period is about to start. In this article, you will know more about what a period tracker does and why you should start using one if you aren’t using one already.

1.  To detect any abnormality

Once you regularly keep track of your period, it helps you understand your unique cycle. Although the average length of a menstrual cycle is 28 days, this may not be the same for everyone else. You become familiar with your pattern, your PMS, your period flow levels, and other relevant details regarding your period. You know what is normal to you, this will help in detecting any irregularity, change in flow levels, hormonal imbalance, or unexpected periods that may occur. Having this information is important for your menstrual health. So, you will know when to seek help from a professional. 

2. To plan your sex life

Tracking your period allows you to plan for a healthy and fulfilling sex life. It informs you when your sexual desire is at its peak, which is usually around ovulation. It also lets you know when it’s safe to have sex in cases where you aren’t trying to get pregnant. Overall it allows you to take charge of your sex life by ensuring you know when to fix those kinds of appointments.

3. To stay on top of your fertility window 

It’s essential to know when you’re most fertile in cases where you’re trying to get pregnant or not to know your safe days. If you’re trying to get pregnant, regularly tracking your period lets you know when you’re ovulating and to take note of when you last saw your period.

4. To track your mood 

Periods come with hormonal changes which affect the way we feel. Sometimes during your period, you may feel more emotional, anxious, stressed, and so on. Period trackers have options that help you track your moods during your period. They help note down your energy and stress levels so you are familiar with the moods your period comes with. 

5. To be in control of your life 

Period trackers alert you before your period starts based on your previous cycles. This information helps you plan your work and social life. You know when you’re most productive hence, you can choose to take on more work during that period. You also know when to make plans for a trip and to plan for your everyday life so you aren’t caught off guard when your period arrives. 

6. To increase awareness of your overall health 

The information your period tracker provides is not only beneficial to your menstrual health but also your overall health. You may be able to detect symptoms of a serious health issue. An important step towards a healthier life involves what you eat. Check out our meal plans today.

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