Best Low Impact Exercises For Weightloss

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When you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your weight, the word you’re likely to hear first is exercise! 

We may all be aware that exercise is good and it’s something that aids our weight loss and fitness journey. However, jumping into just any activity isn’t recommended. There are certain things to consider when choosing an exercise regimen for yourself. Some of the factors to consider are age, medical conditions, gender, body goals and preferences. 

So how do you know if low impact exercises are right for you? First, let’s get to know what low impact exercises are, the wonderful benefits it has, if it’s right for you, and when you should switch to them. 

What are low impact exercises? 

These are movements that do not put a high level of strain or impact on your joints. These exercises are typically gentler than the common forms of exercise for weight loss, such as running and gymnastics. 

Most low impact exercises are fluid movements and continuous motion. They are exercises that are gentle and easy on the joints. Because they are gentler than typical exercises, they can be variated to suit a wide spectrum of fitness levels. 

What are the benefits of low impact exercise? 

  • Low impact exercises are safe and very effective. Because they put less strain on the joints, low impact movements mean you’re at less risk of the injuries that often occur with high impact exercises. 
  • They are beginner-friendly! If you’re just starting your fitness journey and are new to exercising, low impact exercises are a great place to start and ease you into the exciting world of fitness. They are also great for older people. 
  • Great for injured and recovering athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Once you have been injured, your body needs time to heal. When the initial process of healing has started, however, it’s necessary for one to use low impact exercises to get back into the groove and avoid the stiffness of muscles and joints that come with recovery. 
  • It’s a great aid for flexibility and balance. While high impact exercises tend to focus on power and strength, low impact exercises greatly encourage flexibility and full-body balance. 

The benefits of this type of exercise are amazing, and the results are easy to see when you are committed to them. Low impact will be great for you if your goals align with any of the benefits above. Additionally, they improve posture over time and prepare the muscles of your joints to be supportive of more intense exercises. 

If these all sound good to you, check out the three best low impact moves to start your weight loss journey below! 

Three best low impact exercises 

1. Walking 

Walking is the simplest way to begin low impact workouts. Though simple, you can get a great workout session by increasing your walking speed and swinging your arms to burn more calories. You can also use the treadmill at the gym, go for a hike or try out step aerobics. 

2. Stretching/Yoga/Pilates 

Stretching is a simple way to involve your entire body in fluid, invigorating movement. It can also greatly impact core strength, correct posture, and increase mobility and flexibility. Following a yoga or pilates sequence is also a soothing yet challenging way to work up a sweat without putting unnecessary strain on your joints. 

3. Swimming 

This is one of the best exercises in the world for many people! This is because swimming engages almost all the muscles in your body. Moreover, the water makes you buoyant and supports your body weight as your strength and flexibility simultaneously increase. 

Important note: Before you begin any exercise regimen, ensure that you aren’t suffering from any pain or undiagnosed medical conditions. If you are, it’s important first to consult your doctor. 

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