Classic Caesar Salad

10 Minutes


It’s hard to go wrong with such a classic recipe like this. For the best eating experience, make sure that you use the freshest and most crisp lettuce you can find.

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Adjust Servings
1Bunch Fresh Lettuce
2 Eggs
115g Bread or Croutons
1Clove Garlic
½Cup Lemon Juice
Cup Grated Parmesan cheese
6 Anchovies Optional
Ground Black Pepper
¾Cup Olive oil


Prepare the bread/croutons
Cut your bread into cubes and heat some of your oil in a frying pan. Add the bread and garlic and stir until the bread cubes are golden brown. Skip this step if you have croutons available already
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Boil your eggs
You can opt for soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs
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Prepare lettuce
Tear your lettuce into smaller pieces in a bowl
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Assemble your salad
Add the remaining oil, salt, and pepper to the lettuce and toss well so that the lettuce is well coated
Add the lemon juice and boiled eggs and toss again
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Add your cheese and anchovies if you are using them and toss once more
Sprinkle your fried bread cubes or croutons and serve immediately
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