7 Nigerian meals most effective for weight loss

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Living a healthy lifestyle requires that we take good care of our physical bodies. For this reason, weight regulation is a prevalent concept in achieving physical fitness amongst many.

One of the factors with the most influence on weight is diet. The food we eat has a huge role in deciding the state of our physical bodies. This is because the body requires calories to perform its everyday activities and tasks. ‘What exactly are these calories’, you may be wondering. Well, calories aren’t any special foods; no, calories are basically just units used to measure the amount of energy the body requires or uses to perform tasks or activities. It is the unit used to measure how much energy your body receives from the food you eat.

What is of vital importance is that, while the body accepts these calories from consumed foods and in turn uses them as energy to fuel the body’s activities, the ratio of how much calorie comes in to how much is spent is usually what determines fat development and bloated waistlines. This is because calories consumed which aren’t spent/burnt by the body are hoarded and stored as fat.

As a result, there are two major and very effective measures for weight regulation; one is you make an effort to burn as many calories as possible by performing various activities that help burn calories fast. It is from this concept that Exercising is born. Two, if you aren’t so keen on exercising, or you want to double your efforts for maximum effectiveness, you can control the amount of calories consumed daily.

This way, even if you do not burn a lot of calories daily, you can still keep from having excess by not consuming much in the first place. From this concept came Dieting. However, since the body does have a minimum requirement of calories to perform, which varies in individuals, it is advised that you try not to overdo it on the dieting bit.

Having too little to eat, therefore below the minimum calorie mark required by your body, will result in feelings of weakness and sluggishness. In general, your body won’t be able to perform optimally, both physically and mentally.

With this understanding of the importance of the food we eat and its influence on our weight loss regimen, here are a few Nigerian meals that could help in your weight loss campaign.


A very popular dish amongst Nigerians, beans are a major source of protein and contain high fibre. Meaning just a little quantity can help you stay full throughout the day, consequently reducing your overall calorie intake.


This dish is also a product of beans, the difference being in its preparation process. In this case, beans ground into paste form is steamed to create a light, refreshing and healthy meal that is suitable for both adults and kids. Moi moi, being a product of beans, is also high in protein and is energy-sustaining. It also packs a bunch of nutrients from various ingredients used in its preparation, e.g. egg, fish, and different spices.


The pepper soup is a watery dish primarily made up of meat or fish, a lot of spices and peppers. This dish has a lot of health benefits, one being that pepper helps boost and ease the body’s digestion process. It also has a large protein count since it is mostly meat/fish in peppered liquid. Also, its high pepper content will have you reaching for a glass of water on multiple occasions, leaving you filled up, or as Nigerians say, belly-full.


This includes popular Nigerian soups such as; bitter leaf soup, Ugwu, Oha soup, Ewedu soup, Edikaikong etc. One thing these all have in common is that they are packed with a lot of vegetables making them a healthy choice on any given day. 


Aside from being low in calories and protein-based, eggs help to boost metabolism, increasing feelings of fullness. They are a natural choice for anyone who desires to lose weight and will greatly impact your weight loss campaign if incorporated into meals. A healthy breakfast with eggs, fruits, and veggies will most definitely help you reach your weight goals.


The Nigerian chicken stew is a real delicacy, comprising chicken bits, tomatoes, peppers, olive oil, and a variety of spices. This mouthwatering stew can be paired with many dishes and serve as a healthier alternative to various condiments such as mustard, ketchup etc. Eat this stew with your rice, potatoes, and even bread, it goes well with basically everything.


Having a substantial protein count, the Ofada rice could help speed the rate at which your body burns calories. It also contains many other nutrients such as; essential minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, folate, and has a rich supply of vitamin B.

While there are in fact a whole bunch of high-carb Nigerian dishes that could make you put on weight fast, there are also a lot of tasty yet healthy dishes that could just as easily aid you in shedding some weight. The key, however, is moderation, even the foods listed above, if eaten in excess, could have a counter effect. We should be cautious of our meal plans and apply moderation.

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